Alumni Connect privacy notice

All personal information that is processed within Alumni Connect is subject to our Alumni Privacy Notice and according to the additional details below.

Managing your Alumni Connect personal information

Our Alumni Connect service is provided by Aluminati Network Group (Aluminati). Aluminati acts in the role of Data Processor with regards to any personal information held. Aluminati only uses such information for the purposes of running this site. UWE Bristol uses information either updated or generated on the site in accordance with our Alumni Privacy Notice.

Alumni Connect registration process

To help confirm your identity, this site's registration process may require you to provide authentication such as your full name, address, email address, date of birth, student/alumni number. We share this information with Aluminati via a secure server in order to make your registration process as easy as possible.

Your Alumni Connect profile

Your ‘profile’ is where you can enter, manage and update your personal information and email preferences. You may also choose to provide optional details, such as preferred name, former name, occupation, company, photos, personal web page, personal comments, etc.

If you have a LinkedIn account, you can update your profile with information which you have already published on LinkedIn. If you choose to do this, you must manually authorise the site to receive your LinkedIn credentials and allow access. You can revoke this permission at any time.

You may wish to share some or all of the information held in your profile with other site members. The only information that is automatically visible to others on your profile page is your preferred name, surname or maiden name, start year and course at UWE Bristol. Additional information fields from your profile, other personal information and photos etc. will appear only if you have opted to display those items.

Information we collect and use from Alumni Connect

The information we collect is provided by you directly via our registration form and profile. We will use this information to update our records so we can provide you with relevant alumni services and communications. If you provide any changes to contact information within the site (such as a new email address), we may get in touch so you can verify your preferred contact method.

We will monitor your engagement with the site (frequency of use, number of mentoring relationships, interest in other careers activities) to make improvements to Alumni Connect services, and to our other alumni volunteer and careers support programmes. If you are a student using the system, we may monitor your use of the site for reporting on careers development modules.

We will not view or record any messages that are sent between yourself and other users. Messages and the content of mentoring relationships remain confidential, unless any party involved raises a concern of inappropriate site use or behaviour. If this happens, we would refer to site activity to decide the best course of action to resolve the issue.

We collect cookies for statistical analysis on the use of our websites only.

Fixing any issues with Alumni Connect

We may ask to access your account to diagnose or fix technical issues which may arise. Where possible we will seek your permission before doing so. We may give access to your account to external developers for the same purposes. If this happens, your personal information will still be covered by the Data Protection Regulations and you will be offered the opportunity to reset your password as soon as is practical.

If you have any questions regarding the Alumni Privacy Notice, or about using UWE Bristol Alumni Connect, please contact